SHOP RIOT CONCEPT: “Battlefield of the true roots of Skateboarding”

An original concept by Vans, offering to the Core Skate Shops a platform for recognition & community The idea behind this concept is to promote European Skateboarding, Independent Skate Shops & their teams through an original series of contests across Europe. It’s the perfect opportunity for European Skate Shops to show that they are an integral part of their local scene.

The Shop Riot Series illustrates Vans’ ongoing commitment to the core stores and ultimately, the roots of the biggest individual success stories in Skateboarding.

At a local level, each country sees the top shop teams battling it out for one day in one of their best Skateparks. It’s a strict street contest. Then from a pan-European perspective, each countries winning team will qualify for an all expenses paid trip to the European Shop Riot Finals. We try to organize everything for all the teams to spend a great weekend all together sharing experiences & skating in an awesome skatepark (catering, side activities like Go-Kart, bowling, party, etc…)

As far as the format is concerned, the main format is about the teams battling against each other, like in a Tennis tournament, or Maloof Money cup format style. Everything is about the team effort, which leads on the individual performance when it comes to notes/results.

However, both from a local & a global perspective, we usually insert best tricks in between the rounds, as fillers, because the format is pretty tiring for the teams, and also to have some kind of individual performance dimension.


Jon Horner was plucked from illustrational obscurity by the excellent people at Sidewalk magazine and have been friends ever since. What began as comradeship has blossomed into a beautiful love affair that has included the 'internet famous' Where's Chin and Where's Penny posters. Jon has worked across several fun projects in the meantime which include: the Predatory Bird comic, a collaboration with John Rattray for Thrasher magazine; a multi-faceted project for the union of Carhartt and Carve Wicked; a bunch of fundraising efforts for the excellent charity SkatePal; and board graphics for Cliche, Death Skateboards, Lovenskate, The Friendship, Fancy Lad and more. Lately he's been doing some work for Vans,with whom he has a deep affinity for.


For the third year running we’ve had our good friends at Custom Skateboard Factory in Belgium. Produce custom Shop Riot decks as trophies for the winning shop teams locally and for the Shop Riot finals.
100% Canadian Maple and no messing about with these guys.