The root concept of Vans Shop Riot started in Belgium in 2006, and was called the "Vans Bash" (Battle of the Shops). It used to be a local event made for Skateshop only. Since then, the event grew incredibly year after year, with more shops attending and it became the reference for Shop teams competition. In 2009, we decided to extend the concept to all EMEA territories, and have each of them organizing a local Shop Riot. The winning team of each of these national steps was then invited to attend the finals, and fight for the title of best European Shop team.
In 2010, we´ve added another prize for the winners of global Shop Riot: they have now the chance to get 1 photographer & 1 filmer to come to their hometown, spend a few days there in order to make a video edit & an article for Kingpin. The purpose of this extra prize is to give the opportunity to the winning Shop to showcase its team riders in their local environment, highlighting the city they´re based and sow the local Skate scene. This being linked to the Shop Riot concept as an event was the best way to shout about how great is this concept to promote local Skateshops.