The Belgian skate scene will forever associate the 15th May 2016 with the Vans Shop Riot at Rampaffairz Skatepark, Wevelgem. A day filled with good vibes, skateboarding, finger licking food, drinks and even more skateboarding all under the burning sun. 24 of Belgium's best skateshops went toe to toe showcasing their best tricks in a fully packed skatepark. The Lockwood team comprised of Jarne Verbruggen, Phil Zwijsen & Yeelen Moens managed to consistently impress the judges panel in the 3 round tournament. After a very impressive final run, Lockwood took home the ticket to the European finals taking place in September, snatching the title from last years winner, Twits! From a thousand beers for more than 400 throats to countless tricks for the judge's vote, one thing is for sure; it was a day to remember! View highlights of the Belgian stop below.
View highlights of the Belgian stop below.

1    Lockwood  
2    Skateboutique
3    Twits