This weekend Flo Skatepark in Nottingham welcomed hundreds of skaters, shop staff and spectators from across the country as the UK edition of Vans Shop Riot went down in epic style. With the UK’s heavy past of dominating at the European Finals and the majority of stores having competed in the event for a number of consecutive years it was guaranteed to be a great weekend.
All 28 skate shops that made the journey to spend a weekend in Nottingham put in their all to try take home some cash and a ticket to the European finals.
Fifty Fifty took a well deserved 3rd place and £500, with a team consisting of Dan Wileman who had driven from Barcelona to attend, Korahn Gayle and Josh Arnott.
2nd place and £1000 went to Skate Warehouse who just about hit every obstacle within their three-minute final run. Vans Shop Riot veterans and now seven time winners 'The Black sheep' took home 1st place and a prize of £1500. An onslaught of driveway destruction from birthday boy Jordan Sharkey, Rob Smith jumping from the rafters and Jiri Bulin nailing every rail led to another historic success. 
View highlights of the Netherlands stop above.

1    The Black Sheep 
2    Skate Warehouse
3    Fifty Fifty