Are Vans vegan?

Living a vegan lifestyle is easier than it’s ever been. Brands are listening to consumers and creating more options for individuals who want to eat, shop and live more ethically. As a lifestyle brand, celebrating and encouraging the lifestyle choices of our customers has been a priority for Vans since our launch in 1966.

Veganism is a way of living which aims to exclude all forms of animal exploitation from food, cosmetics and clothing. This means that a vegan lifestyle extends far beyond avoiding meat, eggs, dairy or honey — vegans also try to avoid buying cosmetics which contain animal products, such as carmine, beeswax or fats, and clothing containing wool, silk or fur. As we are a lifestyle brand, a huge part of what we do involves supporting the lifestyle choices and pastimes of our customers. Our shoes are a reflection of our customers’ lifestyles and our customers are from all walks of life.

We might take inspiration from our customers’ lifestyle choices, but we also hope to inspire them in return. Protecting the planet is one of the ways we’re leading by example and showing our commitment to the next generation. As well as continuing to sell vegan skate shoes, we’re also mindful of the impact we have on the environment and the quality of the materials we use in our shoes. This means our customers can enjoy a sustainable vegan skate shoe made from the highest quality materials, with a design that fits perfectly, expresses their style and lasts for years to come. Because we support individuals that like to live ‘Off the Wall’, we’re often asked if we have any vegan shoes in our range.


Are Vans Vegan?


Are Vans vegan?

Most of the shoe styles in the Vans Classic Collection are available in styles & colourways that are vegan-friendly. By choosing to shop shoes made from canvas rather than leather, you can still buy Vans skate shoes, without any of the animal derivatives included. Other vegan-friendly options include some of our best-selling styles in some of our most popular colourways.


Are Vans Vegan?


Our list of vegan shoes includes the Classic Authentic, Classic Slip-On, Authentic Lo Pro and Classic Era, which are all vegan-friendly when purchased in canvas rather than leather or suede. Our Custom Slip-Ons are vegan, as are custom Authentic and Era styles. Our Canvas Sk8-Hi are vegan when purchased in ‘True White’ and our Old Skool shoes are also available in a vegan version. 

We may have additional styles available that would be Vegan-Friendly. If you're interested in a specific style not listed here, feel free to contact one of our Service Specialists. Also please note, we constantly refresh our styles & colourways, and unfortunately do not maintain any inventory for items from past seasons. If you see something you like we suggest buying it now since we cannot guarantee that we are able to make more.

What are Vans made out of?

We use a variety of responsibly sourced, sustainable materials to make our Vans skate shoes, from carbon to cotton and rubber. We work with environmental organisations, including the Better Cotton Initiative and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, to make sure we practice what we preach when it comes to sustainability and protecting the planet.


Our vegan Vans shoes are made from canvas which is created from BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton. Back in 2014, we began working with the BCI to help reduce our impact on the environment — something we plan to continue doing long into the future. 

Cotton is an all-natural, plant-based fabric and a vegan fashion favourite. Not only is it a natural, durable fabric, it also has the added bonus of being breathable and lightweight, making it perfect for skate shoes. 

We also use cotton to make our shoelaces. Because Vans are skate shoes, it’s important that we make sure our laces are strong enough to withstand an active lifestyle. We make them from 100% cotton — a strong, natural fibre which helps to keep your Vans long-lasting. We cap our laces with clear plastic and acetone ‘aglets’ to stop them from fraying.

Are Vans Vegan?


Rubber & Carbon

Although some types of rubber can contain beeswax, our shoe rubber doesn’t! Our trademark Waffle Outsoles are a blend of carbon and rubber, so they keep the ‘sticky’ properties that pro skaters love, while still being vegan and ultra-durable. We were one of the first brands to ‘vulcanise’ our rubber soles by baking the ingredients together. This method changes the structure of the separate ingredients to make them stretchier and more durable. 


Some of our non-vegan skate shoes are made from leather or suede. For these styles, we are careful to source leather which is certified by the Leather Working Group. This certification helps us keep on track with the reduction of our carbon footprint by making sure we continually measure the water and energy we use and the air pollution we generate when sourcing the leather for our shoes. 

Are Vans’ vegan range less durable than other Vans shoes?


Are Vans Vegan?


Shoe durability is important — no one wants to shop ethically, only to throw products into a landfill after just a few months’ wear. With Vans shoes, there’s very little difference in the production methods between vegan and leather shoes. This is because many of our shoe styles are available in both canvas and leather, so the construction techniques we use to make them are the same. 

Vans shoes are designed to withstand hard wear and tear. For this reason, we make it our mission to find durable materials to use in our robust shoe designs. Leather might be a strong fabric, but so is canvas! Both types of shoe use our carbon and rubber soles and are put together in the same way, so you can rest assured that your vegan Vans are designed to last!