Knu Skool Product Guide

‘90s skate shoes were known for their heavy-duty suede or leather uppers and thick, cushioned tongues for comfort. Naturally, the shoes also had thick, grippy rubber soles, for that vital board control. If you love that retro look, you can still get a dose of those extra-cool ‘90s vibes with Vans Knu Skool.

Whether you’re looking for a statement-making '90s-inspired shoe or a hardworking pair of skate shoes, here’s everything you need to know.

A ‘90s refresh of the classic Old Skool™ silhouette

The ultra cool vibes of yesterday meet today’s comfort with Vans Knu Skool shoes. Padded and chunky for a deliberately oversized look, Knu Skool deliver a retro aesthetic inspired by trend-setting shoes from yesteryear.

When it comes to Knu Skool Vans, you’ll find some signature elements from The Old Skool™ range, alongside some new twists. The sturdy suede uppers that have been the hallmark of durability remain but come with new design elements like an added heel pull for ease of entry.

The Knu Skool also stand out with their 3D-moulded Sidestripe™. This, and the oversized chunky lace system, puffed tongue and ankle collar, creates a bold, ‘90s profile. The result is a dramatic look, setting them apart from the classic Old Skool™ shoes.

Knu Skool vs other Classic Vans styles

If you’re undecided on which Vans you want to add to your collection, here’s our rundown on the differences between the Knu Skool Vans and our other Classic styles.

Knu Skool vs. Old Skool™

The Knu Skool and Old Skool™ share the iconic low-top design and rubber waffle outsoles but differ greatly in aesthetic. The Knu Skool features a puffed-up tongue and ankle collar for a bold ‘90s look, contrasting with the sleek Old Skool™ silhouette. The Knu Skool has a standout 3D-moulded Sidestripe™, practical heel pulls and chunky laces also differentiate them from the Old Skool™.

Knu Skool vs. Authentic™

The Authentic™ is a minimalist, canvas sneaker, while the Knu Skool design includes sturdy suede uppers and puffy design elements. The bold, edgy design of the Knu Skool offers a marked contrast to the understated Authentic™.

Knu Skool vs. Sk8-Hi™

The Sk8-Hi™ is a high-top variant of the Old Skool with added ankle support. The Knu Skool is starkly different with a low-top silhouette. The puffed-up design elements and chunky laces also make it distinct in the Vans lineup.

Styling your Vans Knu Skool shoes

If you’re looking for some styling tips for your new Vans Knu Skool shoes, we’ve got you covered. From streetwear-ready looks to effortlessly adaptable vibes, here are some of our top suggestions.

Streetwear casual

Skate shoes like the Knu Schools are a great companion for any urban adventure or casual trip into the city. For optimal comfort and versatility, start with a pair of classic black-and-white Knu Skool shoes that you can wear with anything. Pair them with slim-fit, trousers or jeans.

Next, opt for a rolled cuff to show off your shoes and add a bit of an edge. Layer a plain fitted Vans t-shirt under a relaxed, unbuttoned flannel shirt in your colour of choice. Complete the look with a vintage-inspired, black leather watch and a pair of sunglasses for a hint of sophistication.

Cool and comfy

Ideal for a laid-back afternoon at the skate park or coffee shop, this outfit blends comfort with a subtle, fashionable edge. Choose a pair of brightly coloured Knu Skool shoes to serve as the standout piece of your outfit.

Pair your shoes with black, slim-fit joggers for a modern, streetwear vibe. On top, go for a grey, oversized, graphic-printed hoodie. Accessorise with a charcoal beanie and a roomy, canvas messenger bag in a neutral shade to hold all your essentials.

Hangout with friends

For an easy-to-wear outfit for spending time with friends, pair your Knu Skool shoes with dark, slim-fit bottoms or your favourite pair of jeans. On top, wear a lightweight, indigo denim or cotton shirt rolled up at the sleeves for a relaxed feel. Add a slim, brown leather belt to bring the look together.

A bold ‘90s shoe for right now

The Knu Skool is an ode to the ‘90s skate era - a modern interpretation of the beloved Old Skool™, packed with upgraded design elements and functionality. Whether you're a skater, a style enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates good footwear, the Knu Skool promises to add a touch of nostalgia and innovation to your shoe rack.