About The Collection

Founded on the principles of exploration and friendship, Opening Ceremony has celebrated the unique and diverse perspectives of people and countries around the world since the day it was founded in 2002.

Founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have always amplified underrepresented voices, and have made an impact on culture far beyond the fashion world. They have been at the forefront of fashion for decades and have always pushed boundaries together with Vans. Growing up in Southern California, both Humberto and Carol were Vans fans at an early age. Carol grew up in the San Fernando Valley and wore red Eras with her school uniform so she could stand out. It was the one way she was allowed to express her sense of style. Humberto grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and Highland Park—everyone wore Vans even if they weren’t skaters. Vans were accessible and democratic, and the brand felt inclusive even with their roots in skateboarding. Both Humberto and Carol related to the music and art within skate culture, and that still influences them today.