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Beatrice Domond just does her thing, and everyone should be thankful for it. Growing up the only girl skater in small town Florida, she often skated alone, turning inward and to mid 90s VHS videos for inspiration.

That influence is acutely felt today—she’s a singular skater with a respect and passion for skating, and a distinct style that feels both contemporary and clearly informed by another era. All of which has earned her a rare spot on Supreme’s otherwise all-male roster, am status on AVE’s Fucking Awesome, and clips in both of Bill Strobek’s Supreme videos, Cherry (2015) and Blessed (2018).

With attention from the fashion world and a growing spotlight in skating—not to mention an eponymous brand on the way—Beatrice’s future is as bright as her approach to life is fearless.

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In an era where everyone appears to be good at skateboarding, leapfrogging the line from flow to pro is not only unlikely but borderline ridiculous. Perhaps it's his standout name or a recognizable lean and sway, but Rowan Zorilla possesses the power of honest intangibles.

Vista, CA may seem like another pin on the map, but in skateboarding, it's forever linked to the legend of H-Street and perhaps some of that DNA's in Rowan's makeup, as he's blessed with a style so adaptive it reaches into so many moments in skating and punches back with personality.

The persistent insanity of his crew named in jest, Rowan and the Shep Dawgs thrust their brand of carefree crushing into skating’s conscious with a succession of indie videos. Punctuating his young body of work with a six-minute banger in Shep Dawgs Vol.4, the “footage machine,” was laced with Vans and officially a Baker Am. After knocking out a proper part for Vans Propeller (2015), Rowan’s multi-tasking was undeniable, quickly earning him pro status, two Thrasher covers in a year, as well as a “Skater of the Year” nomination. Already coming through with heat, Rowan’s ready to up the ante in Baker 4 and anything else you put in his line of sight.

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