PillowHeat: Vintage Vans store
& collectors’ space

47 Carnaby St, Soho, London W1F 9PT, UK

Take a trip through Vans’ 50+ year history with the pillowHeat collection of vintage, rare and one-off Vans styles. Shop the collection at our London Carnaby store:


About PillowHeat

Vans collector and archivist Henry Davies, aka pillowHeat, has been collecting and sharing vintage Vans for decades. Stock hunter-gatherer by trade, Davies is a brand historian dedicated to scouring the globe for rarities to deliver the vintage Vans heat.

Now he’s taking over the top floor of Vans’ London Carnaby store, giving you the chance to snap up some of the rarest Authentic, Era, Old Skool and other Vans styles from the past.

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Vintage Vans made in the USA

PillowHeat’s collection of vintage Vans centres on styles made in the USA until c. 1998. Shoes in the collection are 20+ years old, and all visible flaws, imperfections and signs of wear in each pair are celebrated as part of their Off the Wall style.

Vintage USA-made Vans have a more tapered and narrow design, so they can fit up to half a size smaller than modern sizing. But don’t worry – the team is on hand to talk you through the collection and help you get your perfect pair of vintage Vans.

Visit the original pillowHeat concept store and brand archive at Vans’ London Carnaby store, and follow @pillowHeat on Instagram to check out the latest styles in the collection.

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