What is Vans Family?

Join us for an Off The Wall loyalty program! We’re inviting you to take part in experiences designed for our loyal fans. As a member of our family – you can expect to find insider information, exclusive custom designs and members-only access to the latest offers and updates! Earn points from shopping and participating in polls and contests and redeem those points for rewards.

Where is Vans Family active?

You can find us all over Europe, click here for more info. 

How do I sign up for Vans Family?

You can become a member at, in store or by downloading the App on Playstore or App Store. Guess what!? It’s free to join and there are no further surprise fees too!


How do I earn points?

Join the family and earn points in just 3 ways: 
1. Shop at a Vans store 
2. Shop online on 
3. Engage with Vans Family! 
Please keep in mind that points are only available through Vans stores and unavailable through third-party retailers.

How many points do I earn on my purchase? 

For every £1 you spend with us, you’ll bag yourself 10 points on your Vans Family Account!

Can I earn points when purchasing a Giftcards? 

Nope, but when you checkout using a Giftcard you will accrue points from your purchase. 

What do my points get me?

You can redeem your points for rad rewards. Check them out here.

Can I get points for purchases I made before I joined? 

Only purchases made after your joining date are eligible for points

I forgot to let the store associate know I’m a Vans Family member. Can I get still get points for my purchase?

If you’re a member of Vans Family and were a member at the time of your purchase, you have two options: 
1. You can submit your receipt details via the website here
2. Or call Customer Service at 0800 234 6152 within 30 days to get your Vans Family points, they’ll confirm your Vans Family enrolment and your transaction details, then award you points 
In both cases, if the purchase is eligible we aim to add your points to your balance within seven working days.

Can I claim points for purchases made in a VANS Store outside my country? 

Yes, you can earn points for any purchase made in countries where Vans Family is active, click here for more info. 

Do my points expire? 

Your points expire 24 months after they are earned.

When do points show up in my account? 

You should see your points updated on your account within 3 days after the valid purchase! 

How do I see how many points I have? 

You can see your points balance on both your Vans Family Dashboard and Mobile App. 

What happens to my points when an order is returned or cancelled? 

Points will be removed from your account when you return items or an order is cancelled.

I don’t see points I think I should have earned. What do I do? 

If you completed an eligible purchase in-store, click here to submit your receipt and get your points. If you made the purchase online, and after 72 hours the points have not been added please contact Customer Service at 0800 234 6152 for assistance. 


Is there an app?

Yes! Download it now on Playstore or App Store, it’s free of charge! 

Does the app have in-app power-up or purchases?

Nope. What you see is what you get, all free. 

Can I purchase apparel or shoes from the app? 

The app is all fun and games – so please refer to our online store for shopping needs! 

Can I check the status of my e-com order on the app? 

You can check out any details of your order through our online store, not our app.


I’m having trouble with my account, can you help me? 

Please contact Customer Service at 0800 234 6152 – our teams are more than happy to help! 

I already have an account on and receive emails. Am I already a member?

If your account was made before July 2019, you may still need to add Vans Family to your account. Check your status and get in the family here.

How do I stop getting emails from Vans Family?

All you need to do is update your communication preferences in your account. Please note: even if you unsubscribe you may still receive emails from us if you need to reset your password or if there is a surprise Off The Wall gift for you!.

Can I re-join if I leave the program?

Of course! Just follow the same registration process here